Quick Tip: Prevent Animation Queue Buildup

You’ve probably stumbled upon a navigation powered by some jQuery effects during your web adventures. Of course you then ran your mouse back and forth over the navigation really fast to watch the animation repeat itself over and over and over again. The natural queuing of animations/effects by jQuery makes the typical animation super easy […]

WordPress for Beginners: A Short Guide

In this guide, Salt Lake City web design company will explain some key features that you should know how to use to manage your WordPress site. The Basics The wordpress hosting packages are a content management system. In simple terms that means it allows you to manage all the text on your site without knowing […]

Add Menu Support to your WordPress Theme

WordPress 3.0 includes a menu navigation system that is handy, especially when your handing a themed site off to the customer. Below is a way to add menu support to your WordPress theme while maintaing compatibility in case a menu is not created. In your theme’s functions.php add the following code: <?php function mytheme_addmenus() { […]