Building the New Modal

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Simple . Clean . Fast

I am now on a new project developing a minimal modal box with image, video, flash, and inline support. The end goal is to make it highly customizable, fast, and lightweight. Most importantly, I want to include it in a WordPress plugin and I want to give it all away for Free.


While working on my last web project, I came across a need for a very minimal modal box. I searched and found a couple that looked great but unfortunately did not have video support. The few that I found that did have video support were heavy, slow to load, and were far from minimal with their bells and whistles.


The code is meant to be as simple as possible and execute quickly. I am using models of other jQuery modal boxes to see how their jQuery operates and how the CSS is implemented. The other thing I am looking at is functionality. Since I am going for a lightweight, minimal modal box, should I worry about implementing an auto play slideshow?


You should expect to see the first beta of my modal box by the end of the month with a WordPress plugin later in April.