OrangeBox: April Update

A Quick Update: Well, the WordPress plugin is still in testing. Fortunately, more people are getting excited about OrangeBox but more visibility also means more people are sending bugs (which is great… keep it up!). I am waiting to release the WordPress plugin until the current bug list is worked down. Infrastructure: Meanwhile, I have […]

OrangeBox 1.0

OrangeBox 1.0 is Released I have finally released the first version of my jQuery plugin OrangeBox. If you missed my blog about the beta and don’t know what OrangeBox is… I’ll catch you up. Basically, OrangeBox is a way for people to showcase images, videos, and other content on their website. OrangeBox will bring up […]

OrangeBox Beta4

OrangeBox is Now in Beta4 Beta4 is the last beta and it is getting so very close to release time. Thanks to all the people who have helped test and sent me bug reports! Unfortunately Beta4 does not include support for mobile browsers. It seems that position:fixed is not allowed in mobile Safari and getting […]

OrangeBox 1.0beta1 is Available!

First, Check it Out If you haven’t seen it yet, go check out OrangeBox at OrangeBox is a simple, clean, lightweight jQuery lightbox script. I’m betting if you know what a jQuery lightbox script is, that you are saying “why another one?” and if not your saying “why should I check it out?”. What […]

Building the New Modal

Simple . Clean . Fast I am now on a new project developing a minimal modal box with image, video, flash, and inline support. The end goal is to make it highly customizable, fast, and lightweight. Most importantly, I want to include it in a WordPress plugin and I want to give it all away […]