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I’m Changing It Up A Bit

If you are reading this and you’ve been to my site before, you probably notice a bit of a change. The site has been completely redesigned to be fully responsive to accommodate mobile devices. It is a little late and I have to admit, I’ve neglected the site a bit. I’ll try to post a little more often when I can find the extra time.

Site Screenshot

About the site

The site has been completely redesigned using Bootstrap to provide a fluid responsive site. If you haven’t checked it out (or haven’t seen it lately), go check out Bootstrap. It is an extremely helpful HTML/JS UI framework that doesn’t get in the way like others. Previously, you were locked into a theme and it was a bit hard to make your site unique. With the latest versions of Bootstrap, they’ve separated the theme from the core framework so you can choose to use their theme or leave it un-themed.

With Bootstrap, you get all the basic components (dropdowns, forms, tables, modal dialogs, navigation bars…) as other frameworks but the bloat is left out. My biggest complaint with other frameworks (JQuery UI *cough cough*) is that they add things like hover/focus state handling… the problem is that CSS already supports those via :hover and :focus selectors. If you need to use JQuery UI components but want your own theme (not theme rolled), it is difficult to “un-theme” JQuery UI. With Bootstrap, you don’t get that extra bloat… just helpful tools to make your site work well across platforms.

What’s up next

Next up on my list is to fix some things in OrangeBox. I want to make it a bit easier to customize and make it work cross platform a little better. After that, I’m off to BackBurner to incorporate some of the changes people have been asking about and to fix a couple minor bugs.