OrangeBox 1.0

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OrangeBox 1.0 is Released

I have finally released the first version of my jQuery plugin OrangeBox. If you missed my blog about the beta and don’t know what OrangeBox is… I’ll catch you up.

Basically, OrangeBox is a way for people to showcase images, videos, and other content on their website. OrangeBox will bring up the image, video, etc. in the center of the website while darkening the background of the site. It is perfect for galleries, portfolios, to show product details or for popup information.

This thing is powerful

  • Displays Wide Range of Content
    • jpg, png, gif, bmp
    • Inline HTML
    • iFrames
    • swf, mov, mp4, m4v
    • Vimeo & YouTube Movies
  • Content Sets with Navigation
  • Hidden Content Sets
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Image Preloading
  • Internal Links
  • Image and Movie Scaling
  • Customizable jQuery and CSS
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Mobile Browser & iPad Ready
  • Fast and Lightweight

But Wait… There’s More

Besides the fact that it is free… it is also lightweight with the javascript being only 16KB and there is going to be a WordPress plugin.

Check out the plugin at