OrangeBox 1.0beta1 is Available!

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First, Check it Out

If you haven’t seen it yet, go check out OrangeBox at

OrangeBox is a simple, clean, lightweight jQuery lightbox script. I’m betting if you know what a jQuery lightbox script is, that you are saying “why another one?” and if not your saying “why should I check it out?”.

What is a “Lightbox” Script

A Lightbox script is used to present images, movies, and text on a webpage so that it stands out from the rest of the page. Typically this means that when you click on an image, the image is presented larger in the middle of the screen with the background dimmed (for a quick example, check out my portfolio page or OrangeBox’s home page).

Why OrangeBox

What sets OrangeBox apart from the others is the scripts performance… it’s fast… very fast! Because the script is lightweight (only about 16k), a browser can load the script very fast making images or videos appear in OrangeBox quickly.

However, OrangeBox is also packed with functionality. It can display images, quicktime videos, YouTube and Vimeo videos, Flash SWF files, and inline content (along with links in the inline content to open another lightbox). It can also group items together (regardless of their content type) and show easy to use navigation in OrangeBox.

Bottom Line: It’s Powerful

The Beta1 of the OrangeBox jQuery script is now available at OrangeBox’s home page or at the jQuery project page