OrangeBox 2.0

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OrangeBox 2.0 is Here

So much has changed… well sort of…

OrangeBox 2.0 is a complete restructure of OrangeBox. The goal: reduce complexity & maintain file size while adding an insane amount of features. I did not want to compromise OrangeBox’s unique minimal style or lightweight structure.

OrangeBox 2.0 also addresses many issues that were found in 1.0 such as collisions with other plugins, problems with older browsers, issues with titles… We also released the beta of the OrangeBox WordPress Plugin which brought to light many other issues in OrangeBox. The WordPress plugin will be released soon.

New Features:

  • Public Methods: You can now call OrangeBox methods programatically
  • Callbacks: You can bind to OrangeBox callbacks to run your custom functions
  • Image Set Slideshows with autoplay option
  • Control Fading
  • Captions
  • Title Links
  • Caption Fading
  • AddThis widget
  • Hook for OrangeControls (for when the plugin is finished)
  • Better size handling and customization
  • Better Cross-Browser support
  • Using YouTube and Vimeo iFrame embeds for better support
  • More customization support

Check out the plugin at

OrangeBox jQuery lightbox plugin