OrangeBox: April Update

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A Quick Update:

Well, the WordPress plugin is still in testing. Fortunately, more people are getting excited about OrangeBox but more visibility also means more people are sending bugs (which is great… keep it up!). I am waiting to release the WordPress plugin until the current bug list is worked down.


Meanwhile, I have been working on 2.0. The biggest changes are in the JavaScript infrastructure trying to make the plugin faster and smaller (although at the moment with all the new additions it is 2 kb larger). These infrastructure changes will also allow for parts of the plugin to be called through JavaScript more easily (which means developers can expand OrangeBox to fit their requirements). This will allow for API calls to show OrangeBox content and allow for custom controls for OrangeBox.

HTML5 allows for better Titles and Captions:

In OrangeBox 2.0, expect to see much better and more dynamic titles that allow hyperlinks and captions for images. One huge request that I have had is the ability to add a caption… now that is possible with HTML5 data attributes. It is still fully customizable just like the rest of the plugin. The caption should even allow for raw HTML although that part is not fully tested yet. Another addition is the ability to add a hyperlink to a title. This was my own addition in wanting to be able to add a link to a detailed page about the content in OrangeBox. Eventually, it will allow the link to be opened inside OrangeBox.


OrangeBox 2.0 will support slideshows for image sets. Like always, it will be customizable to allow you to auto start the slideshow and change slideshow timer settings. You will be able to use custom controls to play/pause the slideshow.

Control Fading:

A new option in OrangeBox 2.0 is control fading which makes the navigation arrows, close button, and custom controls fade in and out based on mouse movements. This creates a more simplistic interface for the user which is entirely what OrangeBox is about. There is additional work needed to support the same option for mobile/touch devices.

Last but Not Least… OrangeControls

Releasing with OrangeBox2.0 will be a universal control plugin. OrangeControls will be able to control embedded QuickTime Movies, embedded YouTube videos, and have custom events to allow you to control just about anything you want. Best of all, it works seamlessly with OrangeBox!

I’ll leave you with that… check back later for more information about OrangeBox and OrangeControls.