OrangeBox Beta4

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OrangeBox is Now in Beta4

Beta4 is the last beta and it is getting so very close to release time. Thanks to all the people who have helped test and sent me bug reports! Unfortunately Beta4 does not include support for mobile browsers. It seems that position:fixed is not allowed in mobile Safari and getting the position of the scroll bar and the height and width of the viewport are very difficult on mobile devices. Fortunately, there are workarounds. The next version has all the fixes for mobile browsers (although it requires a repaint of the overlay when scrolling with the modal window open) – see what I mean by opening in a mobile browser

This Thing Works on the iPad!

With the exception of the overlay repaint, OrangeBox works wonders on an iPad. While I never intended to use OrangeBox on mobile devices (I have plans for a mobile edition later on), it actually works pretty well. If you use smaller devices, the Navigation Arrows should be turned on to aid the touch interface. Oh… and unfortunately Apple does not support Flash so the embedded videos and SWF files do not work… but they look incredible on my HTC EVO 4G

When is the WordPress plugin coming?

Well, that is the question isn’t it. Unfortunately due to lack of testing resources, bug finding has been tedious. I am getting very close to releasing the OrangeBox jQuery script and the WordPress Plugin will come soon and when it does, the coolest lightbox script will be even more easy to install and customize.