OrangeBox Fixes on the Way

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Why the Update?

Well, with the release of 2.0 and the WordPress plugin, exposure to OrangeBox has been increasing steadily. This means emails with various minor bug reports coming in all the time. As I aim to make OrangeBox 2.0 as stable as possible, I also need to acknowledge and track current issues. So… here is what I’m working on which will be patched shortly:


  • Programmatic calls are incompatible with jQuery 6.x – fixed in 2.0.1
  • Removal of Swipe support for mobile devices (currently unstable) – fixed in 2.0.1

WordPress Specific

  • Stop Plugin from registering jQuery in admin pages (causes conflicts in wysiwyg editor) – fixed in 0.7

Any Other News?

I am currently contemplating the costs of uploading my plugin to a CDN so that I can host it for you… Unfortunately, since the plugin is free and open source, the money to pay for the CDN is out of my empty pocket…. anyone have any ideas?