OrangeBox3 is Well on Its Way

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This release simplifies the code making it run smoother and better across the major browsers. It is also packed with a ton of new features!

Got the Dev Skills?

While OrangeBox3 is on its way to a public beta release, there is a lot to do. If you would like to help out with the development of OrangeBox, contact me! If you have any skills in JavaScript or especially jQuery and want to pitch in some time developing OrangeBox, there’s plenty of room!

Have Suggestions?

If you would like to see something added into this release of OrangeBox, now is the time to request it! Simply add a comment to this post and I’ll consider the addition.

Want to Donate?

The development of OrangeBox takes a lot of work that is right now all done by one guy. I am hard at work Pushing OrangeBox forward and taking into consideration all of your suggestions. If you would like to help get OrangeBox out faster but don’t want to dig into the code, consider donating 50 cents or a dollar… every little bit helps tremendously! To Donate, go to the OrangeBox homepage