The Beauty of CSS

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CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are incredible. In the simplest description, they make your site look beautiful by defining how things should look.

As CSS standards continue to evolve, web designers and website owners are given the possibility to really revolutionize their brand. In previous years, Web sites did very little to reflect a corporate brand outside of placing images everywhere. Now websites are as much a part of a corporate brand as the logo.

You can easily see this in some of today’s top brands. For one example, just look at the simplicity and the minimalism in Apple’s site. Apple’s site conveys their brand just as much as their logo or products do.

For a recent project, I decided to make a simple logo out of pure CSS, no images, no JavaScript. I got my inspiration while playing with dominoes, placing simple rectangular shapes so that the negative space resembled the letters “dph”. Using CSS, I was able to recreate the effect and include a little hover-over fun. Though this is incredibly simple, it shows how you can also start to use CSS to make your Branding or your Logo interactive.

I can’t wait to see where CSS goes next. There are some amazing new features in CSS3 such as selecting even or odd children, timed animations, rounded corners without images, and so on.

If you have specific uses for CSS that you think will inspire others, share them here!